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We provide international marketing to help drive the vision of talented entrepreneurs
Creative Direction
Designing creative concepts for brand development. Directing and managing brand campaigns, branding, advertising, digital, and marketing collateral.
Marketing Strategy
A strategy will guide the brand's market positioning, expansion, target audience segmentation, communication codes, and online and offline tools.
Marketing Management
Integrating marketing teams and curating projects. Managing every aspect of the project realization to guarantee the best possible result.
Digital Marketing
Digital development of a brand, its placements, and promotion online. The application of creatives and visual codes to communicate with audiences.
Development of Customers Experience integration inside Web3 solutions such as Metaverse and Augmented Reality. Connecting Web3 with classic e-commerce. Strategy for cross-channel community engagement.
Web 3 Customers Expirience
Integration of a group of five IT companies in one holding with a unique strategy and key proposition for a new client segment. Positioning in a Switzerland market. Problem analysis from clients meetings and development of a competitive service proposition
Strategy, Marketing and Creative Direction
Advanced technologies lead us to the new market placement where we can try and fit instantly with perfect quality personalized avatars and correct size features. Developed customers experience concepts for luxury brands' e-commerce - coordination with pro-team & C-level executive board for the project execution.
Startup Development, Customers Experience, Marketing, Strategy and Creative Direction
Market placement to the pharmaceutical industry. Marketing strategy definition and competitive proposition placement. Work with Ph.D. & pre-noble laureates to structure intellectual property know-how inside marketing and communication. That helped to get inside a new industry and increase the average check per client.
Positioning, Market & Proposition Development
Metaverse E-commerce project for Richemont Presentation for Yoox & Net-a-porter
Phygital Shopping Experience
Group of IT companies
IT Company
Concept Development, Marketing & Strategy
Development of business plan, marketing strategy, and influencer campaigns. Coordination with PR & fashion brands for integration. Creation of tech planning and formation of marketing and IT team.
Fashion Tech Startup
Marketing, Strategy & Creative Direction
Creative direction for the social media interface, strategy, and marketing planning with launch campaign to support business plan and communication with investors. International expansion and communication plan.
Geo-location Social Media Startup
Digital & 3D Development
After 20 years in the market with leading clients, the company decided to update its marketing. It took us a long way to go through multiple versions and creatives to help define the current marketing coherent to its audience.
IT Company
Architecture & Interior Design Firm
Developing a luxury brand and working with the visionaries of an aesthetic industry takes a qualification in aesthetics and a well-trained eye. Understanding and transmitting the brand's vision pithing creative direction takes time to reflect and feel.
Brand Development, Marketing, Creative Direction & Strategy
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